People that have an idea can submit their ideas for one of our makers to create the product!

Note: The makers are individuals (or groups) who decide if they would like to spend their time creating a product from your idea, there is no guarantee that your idea will be produced.

Tip: Really good ideas that have mass appeal are often accepted as a challenge by a maker if they have the possibility of selling the same or similiar products to other consumers who may have a similiar need.

Tip: If your project is more unique to a particular situation you may have to offer a monitary reward for a maker to get them to persue your project over another.

Tip: The more clearly you define the problem and your ideal solution, the more likely a maker can produce a suitable solution for you.

Before submitting an idea to our makers, please search to see if other consumers have also submitted similiar requests (more consumers requesting a idea be made increases the likelyhood that our makers will prioritize it, if you find a similiar idea, you'll be better served by adding your request to it rather than creating a new idea.)

Please tell us about your idea:

Short Name for idea:
(maximum 256 characters, example: Text me if my furnace creates too much water)

Clearly define the problem you are trying to solve:
(Example problem: My furnace creates a lot of condensation and we have a drip tray to catch the water and funel it to the floor drain. Sometimes the floor drain freezes and instead of draining out, the water accumulates until our entire basement is covered in water if we do not catch it in time.)

What is your proposed solution:
(Example solution: If the floor drain is blocked, I want to get a text message on my phone so that I can dump the drip tray and avoid damage to all of our stuff.)

Will you offer a reward for a working solution?

Note: Offering a reward may intice a maker to focus on your idea. Offering a reward that is too low, may keep makers from taking on your project. Keep in mind, a maker needs to invest their time, equipment, materials and experience to be able to provide you with suitable working solution to your problem.

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